Wednesday, January 19, 2011

"By seeking the path within, one will go beyond the sensory realm...and will attain the state of oneness."-----Said by a supreme master of latest times Maharshi Santsevi Paramhans Ji Maharaj.

    When the current of consciousness is directed towards outer stimulus through senses our consciousness gets scattered. We can collect them inward. Here we need to apply our wisdom to control our consciousness. Our consciousness needs certain internal bases to stick on continuously without being scattered in several thoughts. We practice to apply our wisdom to recollect the consciousness from thoughts and let not to think any thing. The great people who traversed the inner divine path suggested to use a short pious word and thereafter a pious face as internal bases. When we apply our wisdom to recollect our consciousness to let them sticked on the base, that process is called Pratyahaar.The interval of time when our consciousness remains sticked on the base is called Dharana. By regular practice this dharana increments and then we call it Dhyan.

This dhyan is previous state of Samaadhi.Once the practitioner becomes eligible of performing dhyan, the master suggest a point in the inner dark sky  to be gazed upon constantly without budging off the sight of our consciousness. In this process of dhyan the scattered consciousness gets fully collected and there appears a refulgent point which is according to holy BhagwadGita is the infinitesimal form of God. There appears the refulgent lights in the inner darkness and our consciousness starts hearing inner divine sounds. In this state the true master guides the practitioner to base some of those sounds to proceed ahead.

    So we began our inward journey with pratyahaar then dhyan and finally ended it in the states of samaadhi. In this journey our consciousness crosses all the inner natural realms first and thereby all the natural falsehood gets removed from it and turns fully true and pure. Now this true and pure element is our soul which is now eligible to cross the remaining supernatural realm to experience our supreme soveriegn lord the almighty God.